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As the U.S. government and many insurance companies appreciate military service, these personnel are provided with some special terms.

Thus, active and retired members of the USA military can rely on savings in auto insurance. Still, military auto insurance reminds of a typical one for drivers. Most coverage types are also the same: comprehensive, collision, uninsured motorist, PIP, rental, towing, umbrella policy, and so on.

Eligibility on Military Auto Insurance Discount

In order to get a discount, you should meet 2 requirements: you must be the U.S. citizen and be or have a spouse as an active member of one of the following forces – Armed Forces - Army, Navy Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Air Force.

Also, you can have a discount if you have active or retired members of professional military associations. They are eligible to get rates with top of military discounts. Such a list of associations includes, but is not limited to:

  • AUSA – Association of the United States Army;
  • Marine Corps League;
  • Navy Federal Credit Union;
  • Fleet Reserve Association;
  • National Infantry Association;
  • National Military Family Association and so on.

Military Auto Insurance Checklist

You will have to provide some data and documents to apply for such auto discount:

  • Proof of military service. You have to show an official document that proves from which and up to which period (if applicable) you had a military service in one of the mentioned above forces.
  • Area of commute and location of parking. Where you usually drive, whether you have a garage or not, and other issues will have a great impact on your rates and premiums.
  • Make and model of your vehicle. It may seem a kind of surprise for you, but your vehicle and its make is one of determining factors. Thus, high ratings and coolness will lead to big premiums; therefore, the smaller the car, the better. The only exception here is minivans – they also won’t cost you much.
  • Experience and driving record. Bring a certified copy of your driving record and history of insurance. Be ready that a poor driving will result in high premiums.
  • Gender, age, and marital status. Take a marriage certificate if you are married. This way, your spouse will also have a possibility to enjoy discounts.

If you are deployed to another country, but you leave your vehicle in the place of living, you won’t be able to cancel the policy. Nevertheless, there are some tips which you can follow in order to reduce the premiums. Here are they:

  • Alter a deductible. In case if your vehicle is leased or financed, you might be asked to provide a full coverage for your car. Still, you can raise your payments for deductibles to the highest level (about $1,000 for collision). This way, you may count on lower premiums. It means that you will have to pay just for deductibles if something occurs to your car. When you return, don’t forget to change deductibles and drive a car again.
  • Lower your coverage. If you have already payed the necessary sum for your car, you may refuse having a full coverage by choosing just collision or comprehensive. When the car will be parked, dropping the collision plan will save you lots of money. But don’t take a risk if you guess that some of your family or relative drives a car. If someone got into an accident with liability coverage only, such damages won’t be covered.
  • 3.Put a car in storage. Some insurers render storage options, supposing that you take just comprehensive coverage. Some states don’t provide these opportunities. Check out what states provide lower quotes, compare car insurance rates by states to save more on armed forces protection coverage. So, call an insurer to make sure of this availability. Don’t forget about saying that you are a military ‒ special offers are guaranteed!
  • Military Car Insurance Companies

    There are some companies that offer not only military car insurance, but are also ready to provide discounts.

    USAA specializes in military policy services, including those with cheap rates. If you haven’t got accidents for about 5 years, your premium won’t rise. The company respects military needs and so offers to provide payments in accord with your salary schedule. Thus, it’s considered to be one of the leading insurers to work with military personnel.

    GEICO renders 15% discount for people on active duty, as well as retired or active staff of the National Guard. Its rates are cheap; besides, it features deployment discounts and special storage plans. The company disposes of a military assistance team, consisting of the former service personnel. It has round-the-clock helpline for a timely reaction.

    Armed Forces Insurance offers its special policies in 10 states (they are named after the company), while cheap military car insurance is available in other 28 states. Therefore, they have covered more than a half of the country. Membership allows adding not only spouses, but children and widows.

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