Estimated car insurance calculators

Our service estimates average car insurance rates to show & calculate for consumers how much should they pay for coverage

StateAverage rateCompared to nationalRank, the cheapest
North Carolina$963-$3974

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Depending on state, policy cost changes according to average rates, existing laws, active local companies.

To calculate cost of car insurance coverage, agents use car insurance calculator that estimates average cost for car owners depending on age.

This tool shows that the cheapest rates are for 40-60 y.o. drivers. Also there are other factors which affect the quote in each specific case.

  • What kind of car you drive
  • Average annual mileage
  • Family status
  • Credit history
  • Driving & accidents history
  • Place of residence

If consumer knows state requirements, it would be the best way to apply for car insurance rates by state online.

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