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LAST UPDATED: December 23, 2017

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We are disturbed by the problems of confidentiality we want, that you were acquainted with that, how we collect, use and expose information. The real privacy Policy describes our practice in regard to information, that we collect through this web site that is under control and controlled by us, that represents or links this privacy("Web-site") Policy. Using our Web-sites, you accede to positions and terms of the real privacy Policy.

Personal Information

a. Personal Information We transmit. We transmit the personal information that can identify you as a man("Personal information"), for example:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Drivers history
  • Email address
  • Vehicle/Property information

From your writing permission we can collect your number of social security, to confirm your personality with one of three national credit bureaus and get your credit report and / or credit estimation.

On occasion we can collect information, such as your age, date of birth, weight, state of health, regardless of whether you are a non-smoker, type of insurance, information about a mortgage, marital status, sex, profession, level of education, authentication of transport vehicle number, brand of car and amount of services in your family in combination with your personal information. We will examine all such information, as Personal information, if she combines with the personal information.

We also can get from you the personal information about your contacts, for example, address of e-mail, to share the article or other content. When you give to us the personal information about your contacts, we will use this information only on that reason in that she is given. If you consider that one of your contacts gave your information to us, and you want, that your personal information was deleted from our database, contact with us at

b. How We Transmit Personal Information. We transmit the personal information directly for you, when you intermingle with us on Web-site, for example, when you register oneself on Web-site or fill an internet-form on our Web-site. We also can collect the personal information from the third persons, such as an agency of the credit accounting or web site of social networks(Facebook, LinkedIn or other). We can link the personal information that you give through a web-site, with the personal information got from strange sources. We will use the incorporated information in accordance with the real privacy Policy, if she will be

Carquotesbyzip also can let to you to register oneself and enter Web-site by means of registration record in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google . When you use the registration record in social networks for registration or included in Web-site, you ask, that service of social networks ordered to us certain information off these registration records in social networks, and you let to collect us, keep and use that they us send to in accordance with the real privacy Policy. The functions of registration in social networks can collect information about a master registration record, such what the name, age, photo and other data that you want to divide, is, in accordance with tuning of registration record in social networks. Functions and vidgets in social networks either take place strange persons or take place directly on our Web-site. you can abolish connection with the registration records in social networks or to control that they divide, from the facilities


We use wise organizational, technical and administrative measures for defence of the personal information under our control. Unfortunately, no communication of data over the Internet or system of storage of data can not be assured on 100%. If you have some questions about safety of your personal information or you have grounds to suppose that your co-operating with us already is not safe(for example, if you consider that safety of any registration record that you could have with us was compromised ), please, immediately will report to us about a problem, appealing to us in accordance with a division "Contact with us"

Third Party Sites

The real privacy Policy does not affect and does not carry responsibility for confidentiality, information or other actions of strange web sites that is related to this web-site. Including of reference to the web-site does not mean approval of the constrained web-site by us or our affiliated persons. If you order the personal information to any of strange web-sites, your information is regulated by their politicians of confidentiality. We recommend attentively to become familiar with a privacy of any web-site that you visit policy.

We also can use encoding methods, that can compel you to seem that you still are on Web-site, when they are on a strange web site. Mean that you give the personal information to the third persons, but not thereon

Operation of our services

Our Services work outside of the United States. If you are in the European union, to Canada or in other places, mean that any information that you give us will be transmitted outside of the United States. Using our Services or giving the information to us, you agree to this transmission, and afterwards with the transfer of this information to vendors located in the United States.

Contacting us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please let us know by email

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