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High-risk drivers are a special category of citizens that require help and professional assistance because those insurance rates they are asked to pay seem unbearable.

That’s why we would like to offer you all secrets of appointed premiums and provide useful tips for saving your money.

What Is High-risk Insurance?

In most categories, this policy is known as non-standard, meaning than it can’t be described as a common rule because of some exceptions. All in all, companies have the right to refuse drivers in such cases. Still, the fact that your car must be insured has created a legal requirement in all states, providing a real need in those insurers who are ready to specialize in it. But exact rate for each state can be obtained online, applying for car insurance by state, spending few minutes for the application.

Talking about the differences between standard & non-standard policies, it’s noteworthy that it lies in the price. Of course, the concrete rate or premium depends on many factors like credit score, gender, experience, etc., but stats say that non-standard plans cost huge sums of money that may exceed an ordinary one in several times. Every consumer may check out average car insurance rates for his/her place of residence. Even those insurers who advertise themselves as providers of cheap policies will definitely indicate absolutely different rates for high-risk cars. That is because they take high risks by helping a driver what they have to cover with bigger premiums. It is also possible to calculate online cost of car insurance by calculator to become prepared for requirements and conditions that companies have even for high risk policies.

Who Need to Apply for High-risk Insurance?

Those drivers who are considered as high-risk have to apply for non-standard policy. You may refer to this category if you had certain incidents:

  • DWI or DUI convictions;
  • Involvement in an accident with an injury;
  • Guilt of some serious traffic violation.

Some other citizens may also become subjects for this category:

  • Disposing of high-risk cars;
  • Having poor credit stories;
  • Inexperienced drivers;
  • Recent lapses in car accidents;
  • Having multiple speeding tickets.

How to Reduce the Risks and Save Money?

To reduce premiums, you can make use of some useful pieces of advice presented below:

  • Wait and look for discounts. There is no need in being in a hurry when the sum of policy can be that huge. Get to know with offers from different companies and pay special attention to discounts – they are offered by all companies. Renewing online, electronic billing, a defensive driving course – these are just some of them.
  • Drop coverage you are not interested in. Insurers always try to offer as much coverage as possible since they earn on this. There is no need for you to take them all! For instance, if you have an old car and don’t care about its damage, drop collision or comprehensive coverage, especially if your vehicle costs less than the deductible itself.
  • Decide on a high deductible. Not so many people know that it’s the deductible which determines your premiums. This proportion is the following – the higher the deducible is, the more chances on wiggle rooms you have, which may lead to more important claims like those for motorists.
  • Choose pay-as-you-go policy. Some insurers have good options for drivers, not using their cars on the everyday basis. Therefore, if you drive it several times a week or even not every week, you can count on pay-per-mile insurance. By the way, one mile costs several cents.
  • Improve your credit score. If you think nothing can improve your situation, just pay attention to the fact that you can get better rates by finding a driving course or adding an experienced driver to your plan.
  • Drive a car that is cheap to insure. Open typical high risk car insurance rates that are available on the Internet. One tip here – minivans, SUVs, and smaller vehicles require lower premiums.

There are some more potential savings which you can rely on for sure:

  • Be the only driver. Don’t add your relatives who may take a car once a month – don’t overpay because of such changeable driving.
  • Pay premiums per year. According to statistics, it becomes cheaper to pay once a year than every month.
  • Secure your vehicle. If you have a car alarm and other devices that guarantee safety or just keep your car in a garage, you may be offered special discounts for it.
  • Choose a multipolicy discount. Most insurance companies are not against of having clients with several policies at the same time. They get more insured objects, while you – a profitable rate.

Among those insurers who aren’t afraid of difficulties in the form of high-risk cars, there are some that are really outstanding. For instance, Esurance renders modern online offers and on-the-go policies. Allstate is specified by customizable service that is extremely flexible in case of high-risk drivers. Besides, it has a reward system for safe drivers, thus it’s a good reason for improving your score. Liberty Mutual covers almost all possible situations and disposes of multipolicy options as well as bundle discounts. If this material could not be useful for you, try our buying car insurance guide that briefly analyzes the process of acquiring auto policy.

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