Filling Auto Insurance Claim

Filing a claim may be called a challenging and intricate process till you get to know with all peculiarities and features of this process. To begin with, an insurance company will become your main helper with it since it’s your advocate, he must protect you.

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Of course, there is a chance of making everything on your own, but most cases have shown that they result in big mistakes and further problems with filing. Thus, we recommend you to count on a professional help and follow 5 easy steps to make it correctly.

Steps of Filing Car Insurance Claim

Contact the police.

It’s always better when some professional person or policeman takes down all important details of the accident since it’s easier to estimate everything correctly from the outside. It also will be helpful when someone is hurt or injured, then this assistance will be necessary. In this case, policemen can call ambulance and make sure that all people are under control of doctors. After this, you will be provided with a police report that is obligatory for filing a claim.

You may also turn to your state insurance office from the very beginning. It may become a kind of an emergency variant.

Gather all information about an accident.

For this, you have to discuss the accident with another party if there was such and get a full vision from those who could see it if it happened in a strange way. Names, addresses, phone numbers, car and accident descriptions, license plates, car identification numbers, etc. – all these data will do and make sense.

Call your insurance provider.

They will assist in completing the next steps and explaining which documents are also required in your particular case. If you car was in a big crash, they will inform you of possible solutions – towing service or help with its arrangement. If you need a rental car, the insurer will tell all you variants of taking it according to the coverage. If you don’t contact the insurer, you may spend extra money for services that are actually covered by your policy. Upon this, a claim will be opened for you.

Wait for a specialist to assign your claim.

As soon as the insurer receives your claim, the adjuster appears – that is he who will talk to any third parties, their insurance providers, and other people that were involved in an accident. He will also solve problems with repair works and investigate all corresponding circumstances.

  • You can contact your adjuster by using your phone or meet him individually. If you have your car at home, he may come to your place in order to estimate the damages made.
  • You adjuster may recommend you some companies or garages to have your car repaired since some insurers have partner relations with some of those organizations that offer more profitable terms and conditions for repair works.
  • He will help you with finding a rental car if you need it and coping with all arrangement issues.
  • Provide your adjuster with any data or documents you have as it will save time to both of you.
  • All in all, the adjuster is here to assist you; so, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have or express your concerns.

Please, pay attention to one significant aspect in case of a partial loss – a diminished value claim. This type of claims is characterized by the fact that your vehicle can be repaired. In addition to standard payment for these works, you can count on a special compensation that depends on the laws of your particular state and situation itself. Again, the adjuster is the person you should talk to about it.

Get your car fixed and claim payed.

As soon as all preparation steps are made, it’s time to wait for a claim to be payed out and your car to come back home after repair works.

Take into notice that if an insurance provider doesn’t approve repairs, they may be not provided. Thus, we recommend you not to access some additional offers till you get your claim satisfied. Besides, don’t try to make something on your own as your sincere wish to get your car repaired a bit faster by making it yourself may play a trick on you. When you sign an agreement with some insurance provider, you consider that you rely on the organization and don’t take any measures on your behalf. Also, don’t forget that you can’t make any repairs till they were approved even if you have talked your insurer about your wish to make them on your own.

All in all, don’t make any actions without your insurer or adjuster since these are they who are responsible for problem solving, not taking into account the level or difficulty of these issues. As you have turned to their help, just wait for it. Otherwise or if something goes wrong, you can always ask for an assistance of state commissioner’s office or maybe change your insurer after some accident and cooperation with him. Consumers may also estimate rates on vehicle policies, and it needs onlne few minutes to get such information from top insurers. Feel free to calculate auto insurance quotes using simple data about your car, driving history and residence information. Companies will provide you rates basing on your data, through online calculator that can estimate rates online for you.

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