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The most features can be available after purchase of car insurance that suit your needs. Compare average rates using zip code, find cheaper deals and save.

Personal Factors that Determine the Cost

In most states, you will be required to have liability insurance even before putting your hands on the steering wheel – that’s why we would like to provide average car insurance rates by zip code to ease the process of choosing and getting your policy.

Consumers could get low car insurance rates by state, comparing deals and applying for cheaper quotes. It’s noteworthy that every state has its own requirements that will be important at the time of preparing an application not matter how you make it – online or in an office. In most cases, the policy cost depends on the data the driver provides about himself. For instance, the younger you are and the less experience you have, the more chances you have to get into an accident. That is a kind of statistical information. Besides, they are more easily distracted from the road and the driving process since messages, suddenly appeared cars, people or even animals may confuse them. Older drivers are considered to be more skilled. Though there is no need to speak about general rules ‒ these are real figures per 1 year.

Another important factor is gender. Most insurance companies take it into account as a historical aspect that is even presented in insurance categories. Your credit worthiness will also be paid special attention to, as well as a driving history and likelihood to get into an accident. Thus, the situation is almost always the same as if you take a loan or a mortgage. Companies will check everything ‒ if you are a bad or good borrower, what is your risk level, etc. Some people are refused in getting insurance because the risks are too high. Still, most lenders give this opportunity, just indicating a high premium.

Insurance Costs per Car

The model and brand of your car will also become significant factors at the time of evaluation. Safety features, age, popularity, repair costs, etc. ‒ such moments are considered as important as well. Some models are said to be more accidental. Therefore, when you are looking for a car, try to decide on the one that experiences less troubles. Of course, it’s the driver who controls everything, but it’s impossible to resist stats. The age of a car might determine a possibility of engine malfunction, while some of them attract thieves more often. So, if your car is one from the list, be ready to pay a higher premium. The usage of a car also makes sense. For example, if you use it for pleasure like driving to your grandma or to the countryside, you are most likely to receive a lower premium. Cars that are used for business on the everyday basis usually require higher premiums because of the mileage.

Why Do Average Rates Vary by Zip Code?

Since every state sets its own requirements and specifications, the average cost varies greatly by zip code. Besides, different states have different companies, but of course some of them operate throughout the country.

Car insurance companies consider such factors as driving style, crime level, dominating vehicle models, etc. What’s more, they must have cash reserves for special cases like tornados, earthquakes, forest fires, etc. in order to cover catastrophic events and massive losses. This sum is known as a dollar amount determined by actuaries that assist in foreseeing any type of scenario. The idea that all rates must be the same is great, but taking into account all these factors and circumstances, it seems to be unreal. A simple collision won’t have a big influence on it on the whole, but imagine the results of the Hurricane Katrina for one state! The cost of insurance will grow dramatically!

Average Rates by Zip Code

Below, you will find the list of average costs, depending on zip codes:

  • Massachusetts ‒ $1,371;
  • Tennessee ‒ $1,150;
  • Oregon ‒ $949;
  • Minnesota ‒ $1,122;
  • Ohio ‒ $887;
  • Maryland ‒ $1,644;
  • California ‒ $1,592;
  • South Carolina ‒ $1,163;
  • Virginia ‒ $940;
  • Michigan ‒ $2,275;
  • New Jersey ‒ $1,217;
  • North Carolina ‒ $783.

These figures are approximate what means that lots of factors will be taken into account in your particular case. For instance, if the average rate in North Carolina is $783, you may count on $499 since it’s the lowest rate or maybe you will be offered to get it with the rate of $1,000 (the highest one).

It also refers to situations with rather high average rates like in Michigan. Though it’s $2,275, while the highest one amounts to $3,922, you still can count on $1,458. So, just compare quotes in advance and pay attention to other determining factors. The way you drive, the car you have, the credit story you dispose of, and so on ‒ these details are of high priority for insurance companies. To estimate exact cost of policy try calculator of car insurance which may calculate coverage cost using zip code & other vehicle data.

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